Monday, February 3, 2014


1.Inflasi ? a process of rising prices in general and persistent ( continuous ) associated with the market mechanism that can be caused by various factors , among others , increased private consumption , excess liquidity in the market that triggered the consumption or even speculation , as well as due to the presence of disfluencies distribution . [ 1 ] in other words , inflation is also a process of decline in currency values ​​continuously .
2 cause of inflation ? Demand-pull inflation ( Ingg : demand pull inflation ) occurs due to excessive total demand which is usually triggered by a flood of liquidity in the market resulting in high demand and trigger changes in the price levelInflation insistence costs ( Ingg : cost push inflation ) occurs due to the scarcity of production and / or also including the scarcity of distribution , although in general there is no demand for change is increased significantly .Due to poor inflation ? The new unemployment .. Akibaat pabrik2 that inflation mnglami bngkutpecurian event or mass robbery unknown culprit ,budget or pocket money into a child's daily school ride .raise the prices of raw materials / raw materials which will automatically increase the cost of production of goods poduksi ( by plants )The next result is the ability to buy inflation / purchasing power msyarakat be decreased / /

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