Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Shutdown Computer Others Through LAN

How to Shutdown Computer Others Through LAN

1. You go to the computer, and click Start-> Run ... in the text box you enter "cmd" (without the quotes)

2. After that comes the black box ... there you are typing shutdown.exe (space)-i (space)-m

3. Example: Shutdown.exe-i-m and then you press Enter

4. It will appear in the box next to the name of "Remote Shutdown Dialog"

5. You click "ADD" -> to add the name of the target or the target's IP on the LAN ... or you click "Browse" to find an automatic

6. You can make delicious tentuin the computer ngusilin that person, whether in shutdown, restart, or log off

7. Determine the time is right for its time deat computer in action

8. You can add other (planned), this is so that the user of this act if the opponent thinks that another server maintenance

9. Send the right message at the COMMENT computer Example: Watch out ..! I want to play there!!!

10. After that nyengirlah your fill: D

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