Tuesday, January 14, 2014

How to Restore Data in flash Shortcut Virus Hit

It is annoying when we are exposed to computer virus attacks . Especially now that it is again the trend aalah Virus Shortcut . This virus belongs to the class of viruses . Vbs . Although the virus is not so dangerous , but we also must remain vigilant because the virus will cause the computer to be heavy work . This virus by creating the file " autorun.inf , dekstop.ini , fanny.bmp , thumb.db , as well as a shortcut file berextensi . Lnk " on each drive and folder . the more folders in your computer, it will be the more shortcuts created by this virus .Measures to prevent or at least reduce it are as follows ;
1 . Turn off beforehand System Restore on all drives ( My Computer , Properties , System Restore , put checks on the Turn off System Restore on All Drives2 . Turn off the process " wscript.exe " ( Task manager . Services , wscript.exe , right click on the wscript exe , end process / end process tree )3 . Open Windows Explorer , click " Tools " and select " Folder Options " , then the "View" tab click " Show hidden files and folders" , remove the tick in the "Hide extensions for known file types" and also remove the tick on Hide protected operating system files . Click OK .4 . Click the "Search" button , click All Files and Folders , In the All or part of the file name type : Autorun.inf , in the Look in click " My Computer " , then put checks all at the More Advanced Options and delete all files that have been found .5 . Once the process is at No. . 4 is complete , do the same process as No. . 4 . But the column All or Part of the content of the file name in Dekstop.ini . Also delete this file .6 . Once the process is at No. . 5 is complete , do the same process as No. . 4 . But the column All or Part of the file name in the contents of the * . >>> Lnk ( LNK instead of ink ) . Also delete this file . but you must be careful not to mistakenly delete , characteristic of shortcut folders created by a virus that is when we designate the folder will display a link from the shortcut that is in the direction windows/system32 , it is a shortcut that we must remove

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