Wednesday, November 21, 2012

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)

WBS is a Work Breakdown Structure stands. Work Breakdown Structure is the beginning of the project management process that divides the phases of the project.
WBS is essential in planning the project. With WBS we will write the stages of the project in detail. Of stages that we write we will then analyze the needs of HR (Human Resources) and other resources such as a hoarse, facilities, tools are required. From the analysis of resource-resource and then we can determine the total time required. Of the total time required and the use of other resources we can determine the cost of the project. Project cost plus the profit that we want to get the price obtained project.
In WBS we will make a list of project execution phases. Some phases depending on previous phases, but there are also several phases that can be done together. From this analysis we can estimate when the project can be started and when the project could be completed.
For example, web design work have WBS as follows:

1. Making Design
- Create a design in Photoshop
- Make Cropping with Dreamweaver
2. Work Programming
- Design the table
- Create a CMS (Content Management System)
- Perform programming in view website
- Creating CMS documentation
3. charging website
- Charge website
- Conducting training use a CMS
4. and so on

The ability to make crucial WBS construction project timeliness. Coupled with the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) is good, then the project allows done in a timely manner.

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