Saturday, November 17, 2012

Share Memory RAM VGA

Share Memory RAM VGA 

Keep in mind before adding shared memory RAM you should make sure that you are using is adequate to handle the applications you normally use and it can be assumed that the rest of the RAM memory usage is still plenty and enough to split into VGA memory buffer. If perceived size of RAM usual mediocre capacity 64 MB so better upgrade first RAM you use the appropriate amount of application usage and maximum limits shared VGA memory.

As for how sharenya are as follows:
1. Go to BIOS
2. Then setting Video RAM (VGA Shared Memory Size)
3. Setting the amount of shared memory you want.
4. Save and Exit

NB: The size of the memory is taken depends on the value of the type and magnitude Onboardnya VGA RAM installed capacity. Make sure also that you are using a VGA VGA onboard (can share) but if you are using a VGA VGA dedicated course can not be shared with the RAM because of the dedicated VGA Graphics has its own memory that works on VGA GPU systems

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