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4 Tips for working from home

Do you work from home and have a hard time getting work done? For some of us this is a significant issue.  The week comes and goes and you have nothing to show for i. Well I mean besides more work to get done next week. Soon you end up under a huge workload and find yourself stressing out about how to accomplish it all. It’s easy to do and can happen fast. For this reason we decided to dedicate a post to some of our favorite tips on increasing our work at home productivity. Here they are:
Distinguish your work location.
This is one of the most popular work at home tips you will find on the net. Heck it seems like it’s on almost every work from home tip list out there, and there is good reason for it. Working for home can be hard enough. Many of us have to train ourselves by separating our work lives from our real lives. You can do this by finding a place in your house which is quite and can be dedicated to your job.  If you can find a whole room, where you can shut the door, that’s preferred. However if that’s not an option, try setting up a small desk in the corner. What ever you decide, make it a place you can feel comfortable working every day.
There are a lot of benefits to using this strategy. First you mentally separate the difference between what is work and play. When you set down at your desk or spot you know why – your there to work. Second it will help you to keep all your work in one place. This way you wont be loosing important notes and paperwork because you left it on the coffee table or night stand. Even if you don’t keep your workspace organized, it’s still easier to find things when you know what vicinity they are in.
Set your hours
Working from home has a lot benefits. One of the best is flexibility. You typically get to choose when you work. Many of us will tell you, that really means you just work all the time instead of 8-5 tho. If you want to keep your real life however, while still be effective in your work life, it’s important to set specific times which you will be working. It’s also important that you stick to these times.
This is another one of those mental games that will help you train yourself to work when you need to. More importantly it helps you from losing your day. It can happen to the best of use. We’re a little tired, get out of bed late, watch a little news, take a call from friend or family member. Next thing we know its 2 and half our work day is gone. Setting a schedule, making it routine, and sticking to it will help you to make sure you get a full days worth of work in. It can also help to ensure you only work a full day and don’t get stuck in a cycle of working 12 or 14 hour days.
Remove Distractions
This is another big one. Removing distractions can be hard, real hard, but getting rid of them is important. For obvious reasons they are one of the biggest time wasters possible. Ever try to get work done while setting in front of the TV? Ha, you might as well triple how long you planned on it taking. What about leaving the house phone on? Never fun on those days when everyone wants to talk to you. Another day bites the dust… See  my point. Distractions no matter how big or small waste time and are guaranteed to kill your productivity. Do what ever you can to get rid of them, at least while your working, and watch your productivity increase!
Set daily and weekly goals
Goals, goals, goals! This is one of the most affective ways to ensure that you are getting work done and being productive. Set down and make daily and weekly goals. This can be as simple as having a daily to-do list. How complex it is doesn’t matter, having them does. At the end of the week, when you look back, you want to be able to point to specific things you got done. It’s how you move your company forward and your job. Make this part of your life, and you will find you are far more successful at working from home.
Alright, now that you have seen what our favorite tips are, share some of your own. Hopefully we were able to stimulate a couple ideas on how you can get more work done at home. So cough them up, and help out your fellow Jombl’ers!

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